vReady Helps Ensure Federal Contractors Protect Their Data and Win New Business

Jerry Leishman

May 19, 2021

Seattle – May 28, 2021.  CORTAC Group, a leading Seattle-based IT and cybersecurity consulting firm, announces the launch of its new vReady service. CORTAC Group vReady readiness assessment combines best in class threat detection, vulnerability, and penetration testing with an in-depth analysis of organizational practices, processes, and documentation. Companies can now receive a comprehensive readiness assessment and roadmap for preparing for the Department of Defense’s new cybersecurity certification requirements, known as the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification, or CMMC.  

Federal contractors who delay preparing for new CMMC cybersecurity requirements risk losing their competitive business advantage and valuable contracts, and may face fines and penalties for non-compliance. CORTAC Group vReady offers a right-sized, end-to-end compliance solution for defense suppliers. 

CORTAC Group vReady readiness assessment helps companies more effectively prepare for, implement, and maintain cybersecurity standards and requirements. This service, the first step in a portfolio of cybersecurity services, identifies cybersecurity gaps and gives business leaders strategic recommendations tailored to specific business needs as opposed to imposing and defining solutions that lead to overly constrained and costly sustainment costs.  

vReady Readiness Assessment

“For years we’ve partnered with our nation’s defense supply chain to help provide federal information and data protection for controlled unclassified information,’’ stated Jerry Leishman, Executive Vice President, National Security & Compliance Director at CORTAC Group.   

“As we’ve seen with the Solar Winds and Continental Pipeline hacks, cyber-crime isn’t limited to government organizations. Both public and private sector organizations need to act now.  First, by understanding where their current cybersecurity gaps are. Second, by implementing right-sized and cost-optimized security solutions in software, infrastructure and processes. Third, by maintaining ongoing cyber resiliency.  Knowing exactly where your cybersecurity and compliance gaps are and the solutions needed to implement and fix them is central to our service,” Mr. Leishman added. 

Defense industrial base suppliers seeking to understand their cybersecurity vulnerabilities can read more about our readiness assessment service and schedule a free consultation.    

For more information, contact:

Jerry Leishman
Executive Vice President, National Security & Compliance Director