Our Clients.
Our Partners.

Growing and doing more together

Where Clients Mean More

At CORTAC Group, we take pride knowing that our clients are more than a project. Our clients are our strategic, collaborative partners. We listen to each other’s thoughts and ideas, and then combine them to create solutions that count. Together, we discover secrets to long-term success – it’s just what happens when clients mean more.

Technology and Telecommunications



Technology and Telecommunications

Business Productivity
Web Applications
Data Center Development
Collaboration Software
High Performance Computing
Business Intelligence
Mobile Telephony
Satellite Communications

Aerospace and Defense


Aerospace & Defense

Fixed and Rotary Wing Aircraft
Satellites and Launch Vehicles
UAV Systems
ISR Programs
Missile Systems
Marine Systems
Soldier and Ground Systems
Foreign Military Sales
Logistics and Maintenance

Healthcare and Life Sciences



Healthcare & Science

Claims Processing
Healthcare Information Systems
Value-based Transformation
Plan Administration
Data Center Operations
Genomic Data Management

Construction and Infrastructure



Building & Infrastructure

Stadiums & Sports Arenas
Rail Projects
Data Center Construction
Water Districts
Education Infrastructure
Corporate Campus

Energy and Resources



Energy & Resources

Renewable Energy
Nuclear Power
Fossil Fuel
Transmission Services
Distribution Services
Smart Grid

Our Client’s Journey

Our clients all have their own unique story – different backgrounds, different projects. Some are small, local businesses, and others are a part of the Fortune 500. No matter their size, all businesses need to evolve – and we love having the opportunity to help such a diverse list of companies through their journey to growth.