Our Clients.
Our Partners.

Growing and doing more together

Where Clients Mean More

At CORTAC Group, we take pride knowing that our clients are more than a project. Our clients are our strategic, collaborative partners. We listen to each other’s thoughts and ideas, and then combine them to create solutions that count. Together, we discover secrets to long-term success – it’s just what happens when clients mean more.

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Technology and Telecommunications



Technology and Telecommunications

Business Productivity
Web Applications
Data Center Development
Collaboration Software
High Performance Computing
Business Intelligence
Mobile Telephony
Satellite Communications

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Aerospace and Defense


Aerospace & Defense

Fixed and Rotary Wing Aircraft
Satellites and Launch Vehicles
UAV Systems
ISR Programs
Missile Systems
Marine Systems
Soldier and Ground Systems
Foreign Military Sales
Logistics and Maintenance

b3lineicon|b3icon-health-cross||Health Cross

Healthcare and Life Sciences



Healthcare & Science

Claims Processing
Healthcare Information Systems
Value-based Transformation
Plan Administration
Data Center Operations
Genomic Data Management

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Construction and Infrastructure



Building & Infrastructure

Stadiums & Sports Arenas
Rail Projects
Data Center Construction
Water Districts
Education Infrastructure
Corporate Campus

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Energy and Resources



Energy & Resources

Renewable Energy
Nuclear Power
Fossil Fuel
Transmission Services
Distribution Services
Smart Grid

Our Client’s Journey

Our clients all have their own unique story – different backgrounds, different projects. Some are small, local businesses, and others are a part of the Fortune 500. No matter their size, all businesses need to evolve – and we love having the opportunity to help such a diverse list of companies through their journey to growth.