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Cybersecurity attacks are at an all-time high, putting you and your business at risk. Consequently, compliance and protection requirements are becoming more difficult to navigate – ITAR, DFARS, and CMMC are no longer nice-to-have regulations. 

Our Regulatory Business Advisory (RBA) team helps your business understand and implement these new compliance rules. Protect your network and information with our data-driven solutions.

By The Numbers

Defense Industrial Base (DIB) Suppliers

2018 US Government Spend on DIB


Estimated Non-Compliant DIB

CMMC Activation

The Key to Security & Compliance

Security and compliance isn’t something you can set and forget – it’s a continuous process. Requirements constantly change, and you always have to be able to meet them. Otherwise, you risk losing both current contracts and future business. We’re ready to guide you through the process that keeps your business secure, compliant and competitive.


Regulatory compliance obligations


Information solutions and architecture 


Solutions that keep you secure and compliant


Partners from day one for secure systems


Understand your risks and obligations

The world of information protection is filled with murky waters. What are the current regulatory compliance requirements? How are they fulfilled? Is there a “best way” to prepare for an audit? Complex laws aren’t easy to navigate, and the future holds more regulations and requirements. Our team is armed with industry professionals who understand the ins-and-outs of these mandatory protection regulations. Together, we’ll identify your obligations and risks – enabling executive alignment across IT, legal, business, and compliance avenues. Click here to learn more about our CMMC services.


Protect your information with an enterprise approach

Think big – your information safety relies on it. New government regulations are formulated for an enterprise architecture, making it easy for most businesses to fall behind. Don’t worry, your business will stay on top with CORTAC Group. Our consultants are by your side, easing the compliance process. Let’s consolidate your information into one unit – policies, data, technologies and beyond. Collaboration is key; you can relax knowing that your information is secure and enterprise-ready.


Discover the right solutions with CORTAC Group

What could you do if you knew your information was secure? If you knew your company had minimal risks, adhered to compliance regulations, and had the help of an industry expert? At CORTAC, we ease your mind and guide your business toward this level of security. Our solutions-based approach accelerates your security compliance, giving you the time to focus on other aspects of your business. Together, we can tackle your security needs – closing gaps, reducing costs, and empowering your team to reach its full potential.


Stay resilient & secure during your journey

Achieving regulatory certifications or implementing security standards is just the beginning of your security, compliance, and cybersecurity journey. You now must ensure your organization stay resilient from future vulnerabilities and attacks. At CORTAC, we understand that secure business, technical, and security operations capabilities are foundational to protect their customer, suppliers, and corporate intellectual property. Together we can partner with you and your teams to assist in your ongoing legal, regulatory, and contractual obligations.



Jerry thrives in the compliance world. Reach out to chat with him about upcoming security & compliance challenges.

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Security & Compliance Solutions

The first step toward creating a compliant organization is understanding the how, what, and why. At CORTAC, we understand how challenging this can be – so we’re here to help. Our security & compliance solutions are comprehensive, focusing on helping you and your organization’s needs.


Cybersecurity Maturity Certification Model


Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure & Utilities

 Consultant Spotlight

Meet Jonathan,
Senior Consultant

“I love working at CORTAC Group because I am a Security Professional and a huge fan of Planning of Execution. I integrate with client teams to ensure their Information Security and Compliance goals are delivered. Prior to this, I had not been afforded the opportunity to leverage all of my Information Security, leadership, and management experience in achieving successful outcomes of major projects. Now, my talents and growth are supported as part of our Consultant DNA.”

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