About Us

Experienced Leaders. Team Builders. Problem Solvers. Creative Thinkers.

We are driven by our client’s success. With nearly one hundred employees across fifteen states, our teams work together and apply their industry experience and insights to every project. We are client-facing and delivery-focused. Passionate leadership is in our DNA. Our seamless integration of services and technology leads to successful pursuits, desired project outcomes, data-driven insights and analysis, and flawless execution.

We are CORTAC.

149 Combined Years of Consulting Experience

Bob Mullen
Co-Founder and Managing Partner
Tom Eide
Co-Founder and Managing Partner
Jim Helsper
Co-Founder and Managing Partner
Jonathan Scofield
Vice President, Business Development
Jim Bratsakis
Vice President, Program Planning and Controls
Kate Farrell
Director, Business Operations
Tony Gepner
Senior Director, Management Consulting
Rick Agopsowicz
Vice President, Business Capture
Brian Evergreen
Director, Technology Solutions
Carie Rodriguez
Director, Consulting Operations
Emily Luke
Director, Recruiting
Bill Funke
Senior Director, National Accounts
JP Patino
Director, Business Development
Rich Lupfer
Client Engagement Director