Turning compassion into action

Coming together. Giving back.

Collaboration is the core of any strong project. Pair this mentality with our need to help others, and you get CORTAC Cares. We unite people to turn compassion into action – amplifying the voices of people who fight to support our community, veterans, environment, and personal wellbeing. But we can’t do it alone! Take a moment and check out our major initiatives to discover how you can get involved from anywhere.

Caring for our Community

Our lives are centered around our community – from the people we see to the places we work. At CORTAC Group, we want to give back to the things that makes us… well, us. It’s just that important. 

Caring for Veterans

27% of CORTAC Group employees are veterans. They’re smart, hard working, caring individuals – so we want to make sure all veterans get the support they need to succeed. 

Caring for The Environment

It’s easy to take the planet for granted – it’s always been there for us. We believe it’s time for us to be there for the planet. Because everyone should live with clean water and fresh air.

Caring for Personal Wellness

Health comes in all shapes and sizes. Whether it be physical or mental, we want people the get the care they need. Not only do we promote healthy lifestyles in our company, but we take the next step and give back. 

Build-A-Bike Team Day, benefiting Boys & Girls Club, June 2019

At a Glance

 Every year, we seek to support organizations who align with our values. Our goal is to help in a way that makes a long-term impact, while benefiting as many people as possible. Check out our latest initiatives below! And while you’re at it, click our xyz’s link to learn how you can get involved. 


Q4 2020

Rainier Valley Food Bank

    As COVID-19 numbers begin to spike again, our hearts go out to all who have lost income due to this crisis. To help put food on the table, we donated 20,000 meals to the Rainier Valley Food Bank. 

Q4 2020

Issaquah Food and Clothing Bank

Every year, the Issaquah Food and Clothing Bank hosts the Turkey Trot to raise funds. In 2020, we supported the event as a “Big Tom Turkey” sponsor. This sponsorship provided a whopping 20,000 meals to our community. 

    Q3 2020

    COVID Relief Fund

      Our team gets engaged! In Q3 2020, we challenged them to eat healthy – the winners donated a combined 9,000 meals to the Sacred Heart Emergency Outreach Food Pantry, the East Shore Unitarian Church, and the Pike Place Market Foundation.

    Q2 2020

    Flint Water Fund

      Team members stayed hydrated this quarter with our H20 Challenge! Everyone needs clean drinking water, so we donated 1,920 bottles of fresh water to the Flint Water Fund. Learn more about them here.