Critical Infrastructure & UTILITIES

Our nation depends on steady, always-on critical utilities.  Everyday, we depend on these utilities for the essential functioning of our society and economy. These same utilities are under near-contstant attack from cyber criminals and nation-states intent on wreaking havoc on our way of life. Here at CORTAC, we’re working with critical utilities to better protect their daily operations.  

Securing Critical Infrastructure & Utilities

As a critical infrastructure provider, your primary goal is delivering:
• Continuous and reliable service to your customers
• Making high-confidence, data-driven cyber risk decisions
• Mitigating costly downtime due to cyber attacks

Your revenue and business reputation depend on your reliability and resiliency to operate unencumbered from ransomware and cyber-attacks.

Critical Infrastructure and utilities

By The Numbers

Every eleven seconds a cyber attack occurs


Increase in security breaches over last year

Number of days on average to identify a data breach


Number of security incidents by malicious insiders

Improve Your Cybersecurity & Compliance Readiness

Implement End-to-end cybersecurity and compliance program management



Premptive Cybersecurity Vulnerability Detection & Compliance Analysis

  • Identify your existing nation state, ransomware, and unauthorized penetrations
  • Create and verify your actual network and connected device asset inventory
  • Identify security and regulatory compliance gaps and vulnerabilities
  • Assess company wide cybersecurity controls
    knowledge, policies, procedures, and technologies.


Implement Solutions to Mitigate Risks & Vulnerabilities

  • Prioritize actionable IT & OT improvements and mitigation strategy
  • Establish shared resource responsibilities
  • Implement right sized and cost optimized technical solutions & configurations
  • Apply AI / ML across network for offensive and defensive cyber operations and behavioral monitoring
  • Develop and document policies and procedures across departments


Proactive Cybersecurity Compliance Operations

  • Proactive ongoing security and compliance advisory operations
  • Cybersecurity training and documentation maintenance
  • Support change management
  • Facilitate incident response
  • Reporting and audit support across departments

Strengthen Your Cybersecurity & Compliance Strategy

CORTAC Group and BLACKBRIAR Cyber teamed up to develop this eBook to help Electric Utilities get started with a cybersecurity and compliance strategy.

Learn How to Better Protect Your Utility


Critical Infrastructure & Utilities Resources

Security and compliance can be complex, which is why we’re here to help. 

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