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The compliance landscape is changing. Soon, every organization that does business with the Department of Defense will be required to undergo a Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) by an authorized auditor before contract award. By acting now, you’re taking the first step toward maintaining your ability to win and keep contracts.

Get Ahead of the Problem

CMMC will require audits and certification as a “pre-qualification” requirement prior to contract award. Understanding how auditors interpret requirements is the challenge that most organizations aren’t aware of – and there are plenty of trojan horses in the market that take advantage. Don’t be fooled by free, simple self assessment tools – they are not sufficient to achieve CMMC certification.

Our team at  CORTAC Group is apart of the CMMC AB Standards Workgroup, provisional CMMC auditors, and Registered Practitioners. 


Our Approach to CMMC

Step 1

Readiness Assessment

CORTAC Group vReady

Understand Your Risks and Obligations

  • Identify baseline security & compliance gaps and IT vulnerabilities
  • Receive gap recommendations 
  • Generate executive-level solution roadmap

Step 2

Solution Implementation

CORTAC Group vCompliant

Implement “Right-Sized” Solutions

  • Define “right-sized” architecture solution, implementation plan, costs, and timeline
  • Implement technical solutions and configurations
  • Migrate FCI/CUI information and create documentation (Policy, Procedure, SSP, and  POA&M)

Step 3

Compliance Operations

CORTAC Group vSecure

Maintain Ongoing Compliance

  • Maintain compliant operations
  • Documentation updates and maintenance
  • Support change management and provide reporting and audit support
  • Facilitate incident response
CMMC Readiness Assessment

Readiness Assessment Value

A CMMC readiness assessment gives your senior leadership the necessary insights and confidence to make more informed business and investment decisions.

  • Analysis for how many NIST 800-171 controls are implemented, partially implemented, or are not implemented. 
  • Analysis of each control by role to help you chart your organizational plan (CISO, MSP, MSSP, and HR)
  • Identification of baseline security and compliance gaps and IT vulnerabilities
  • Validation and guidance for the Supplier Performance Risk System score
  • Executive-level recommendations and roadmap for planning your journey
  • Self-Assessment checklist covering all 17 control families 

Take Your First Step

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