Is Smartsheet GOV right for you?

JP Patino

June 3, 2020

If you’re considering using Smartsheet to up-level your company’s cloud-based collaboration capability, it’s critical to understand your cybersecurity requirements. Do you need a more secure platform? Are you tied to compliance obligations? What options are available? Luckily, Smartsheet has expanded their offerings with a FedRAMP certified platform, Smartsheet Gov. This product puts security first, catering to both government agencies and commercial companies who work with the government.

At CORTAC Group, compliance and regulation expertise is in our DNA. We have vast experience helping organizations strategize and migrate to the cloud across various sectors. This experience has armed us with the knowledge and confidence to fully endorse Smartsheet Gov – this is the program for you if you want to stay secure and compliant while working and collaborating within the cloud.

So, what’s the difference between the commercial Smartsheet and Smartsheet Gov? When should commercial companies use Smartsheet Gov? How does CORTAC help assess compliance and security needs? We tackle these questions and more below.

Smartsheet Gov vs Smartsheet – What’s the Difference?

Truth is, Smartsheet Gov has the same functionality and capabilities as the commercial Smartsheet platform. The Gov platform closely mirrors Smartsheet’s Enterprise plan – with additional security functionalities including Single Sign-On and Multi-Factor Authentication.

Like most software striving for FedRAMP compliance, Smartsheet Gov slightly lags behind the commercial product when it comes to available add-ons. Don’t worry – Smartsheet Gov has a list of features they plan to add to their platform, such as Data Uploader and Dynamic View.

With that said, Smartsheet Gov plans to release Control Center upon ATO completion this summer. As one of Smartsheet’s more powerful capabilities, Control Center is a much-welcomed addition to Smartsheet Gov.

Why FedRAMP is Important

Security and control are the key tenants to FedRAMP requirements. Without getting too technical, FedRAMP requires additional controls above the standard NIST baseline controls. These added controls address the unique elements of cloud computing, ensuring all data is secure in cloud environments.

If you work in or around the Department of Defense, you’ll be glad to hear that Smartsheet Gov is authorized at FedRAMP Impact Level 2. Impact Level 2 allows those working with the US government to deploy non-sensitive information, such as public-appropriate data, basic defense applications, and websites, on Smartsheet Gov services. Smartsheet Gov is actively working to achieve a higher impact level and expects to reach their goal in 2020. These details are vital to working with the Department of Defense and similar agencies.

Smartsheet GOV

When Companies Should Use Smartsheet Gov

When creating the Gov platform, Smartsheet recognized that the challenges of solving work execution problem, creating better visibility and standard approaches, isn’t unique to the commercial space. All government agencies have similar issues running their organizations as commercial businesses.

However, Smartsheet Gov isn’t just for the government. Any non-federal agency that works on government programs using a cloud deployment may also have to comply with FedRAMP requirements – the same requirements as government agencies themselves. This applies to any work involving government programs – ranging from universities to DoD suppliers.

This area is unique to each organization and the nature of their work. We recommend working with your IT teams and Information Security teams internally to help assess if Smartsheet Gov is a better fit for your organization. Don’t have an InfoSec Team? New to the Government Sector and unsure what you need to comply with? At CORTAC we have a history of helping organizations understand their compliance needs. We specialize in helping companies assess what cloud products they should consider when working with the government.

How CORTAC Helps

Of the ~17,000 cloud applications available, only around 300 are approved by FedRAMP. Of these 300, only a very limited group are available for both commercial and government use. This narrows down your options by thousands – and we believe Smartsheet Gov is the strongest choice for improving collaboration and solving many of today’s work execution challenges.

As a Smartsheet Platinum Partner, we have helped many companies’ stand-up their Smartsheet Gov solutions to leverage the best practices and enhance your organizations capabilities. If you’re unfamiliar with Smartsheet, we’re happy to walk you through the basics, share lessons learned, and educate on the platform’s business-driving values.

Whether you’re currently working with a government program or are hoping to win a government contract, our team is ready to help. We have an extensive history of working with companies on their federal programs – from winning major proposals to program execution. Together, we can reach your goals.

You have the potential. We have the experience. And we deliver success.

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