Supply Chain Collaboration

JP Patino

December 10, 2020

At CORTAC Group, we’ve seen firsthand how essential it is to know the ins and outs of your organization – without waiting for a weekly status update. Just last year, our Fortune 100 client experienced a major bottleneck in their large-scale satellite supply chain. We were brought in to create a Smartsheet Solution, enabling visibility and collaboration across their org. The result? Our client’s on-time order rate jumped from 54% to 90% post-implementation.

In the supply chain, you’re balancing a lot; cross-division teams, information silos, and global suppliers just to name a few. Your key players are so consumed trying to manage their own workload and keep up with slow legacy processes that vital collaboration time gets pushed to the side.

Don’t worry – there’s a better way to manage your organization’s supply chain. And we’re here to help. With our collaborative solutions, you can run faster, boost productivity, and actually increase your bottom line. All while gaining the visibility that’s critical to up-leveling your company as a whole.

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