Upcoming Class: Past Performance Evaluations

Rick Agopsowicz

March 5, 2021

Past performance is a common evaluation factor on which award decisions are based. A company’s past performance evaluation could be the difference between winning and losing a contract. But do contractors understand how to maximize their chances for success in this part of their proposal? And do government personnel know how to perform a proper past performance evaluation? Join us on March 11, 2021 to find out in our latest class, Understanding Proposal Evaluations: Past Performance Evaluations. 

“Rick is one of the most informative and engaging Professors at PCI”

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This virtual class is for both contractor and agency personnel who want (or need) to have a better understanding of the past performance process. However, all are welcome!

In this class, we will cover:

  • Review the statutory and regulatory provisions affecting past performance evaluations
  • Examine the various sources of past performance information
  • Explain how the relevance of past performance is determined
  • Analyze how the quality of past performance is considered
  • Provide guidance on responding to adverse past performance information
  • Describe what other factors affect past performance evaluations
  • Discuss past performance rating schemes
  • Explain how the past performance of subcontractors and teaming partners can be evaluated
  • Include the use of practical exercises

Please join Rick and the PCI team for this informative class on understanding Price Evaluation. Sign up by clicking here. Hope to see you in class!