Client success is our top priority

CORTAC’s services provide strategic planning for reliable execution. Our expertise allows us to be trusted advisors; our leadership style is to roll up our sleeves and get the work done.

Transformations within a company are difficult. That’s why clients engage us to guide them through large mergers and acquisitions, implement project and program leadership (PMO) solutions, and deploy various management or process adaptations and integrations. Our industry experts are rooted in assessment and analysis; we take the time to understand our client’s core capabilities and objectives because it is a crucial step in transforming stakeholder’s pain points into efficient scopes of work, precise roll-out plans, and clearly documented key performance improvements.

By the Numbers

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In today’s world of rapid business growth, executives are busier than ever.

CORTAC is called upon when clients need a strategic leader to take charge of initiatives. Our program and project managers are experts in many industries, equally adept in operational and technical projects, who lead successful outcomes. We know how and when to escalate risks and issues, but more importantly, how to find solutions to mitigate those challenges. Large scale company-wide transformations and focused tactical projects each add measurable value; together, they create a powerful competitive advantage for our clients.

Overall governance and stability is crucial during periods of growth and transformation.

CORTAC has decades of experience leading clients through the complexities of mergers and acquisitions. Our approach is unique because we prioritize understanding the companies involved, the cultures, and business goals. We advise and help you manage stock and asset transactions, avoid pitfalls in diligences, and launch the post integration strategy. CORTAC is equipped to oversee remote and local teams in both national and international settings.

Companies are most vulnerable when implementing new management, technologies, and processes.

Our experts position the team from an overarching view to ensure projects have smooth transitions of process, use of technology, and support any changes to employee roles. When a significant strategy initiative has cross functional impact, we establish a business unit level – or enterprise level program management office – and a communication plan to keep your executive leadership and employees informed and focused on the target. CORTAC’s flexibility and analytical ability allows us to see the entire enterprise view of every initiative and deliver on time.

We implement streamlined enterprise systems so your company runs smoothly.

CORTAC’s deep knowledge and expertise in delivering a systems integration is comprehensive. Typically, our client’s biggest expense is the technology of their business – the largest parts are the enterprise wide CRM or ERP systems. Our approach is to design clear objectives, principles, and tactics relating to the management and use of a technology within an organization. We manage performance of the project and ensure a well-defined and tested implementation. Above all, we get the job done and empower your team to grow.

Our experts turn complex problems into simple solutions.

 CORTAC Group’s experience is built on years in consulting and industry experience.  We range from organizational assessments to process redesign, and lean optimization to change management. Our associates are adept at evaluating current state and recommending tools, processes, and methods to streamline mundane tasks – freeing up time to focus on the big initiatives while contributing to the bottom line.  

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