Evolving organizations to survive in the digital era. Because that’s what it takes.

The World is Evolving. Are You?

The age of worldwide digital evolution is here – and it’s critical that your business doesn’t fall behind. The best adopt fresh methods and tools. Fast. We make this happen for you. Ready to enlist our team of top-tier industry experts, who guide you through the process from day one.

No matter the challenge. No matter the scale. CORTAC combines strategic and operational expertise to help you transform into the business you want to be.

By The Numbers


worldwide workload hasn't moved to the cloud


companies believe tech is needed for transformation goals


transformation initiatives fail due to lack of knowledge


customer engagement driven by intelligent systems by 2020

Beyond Digital Transformation

Organization-wide transformation isn’t just digital. It’s one piece of the puzzle. For every digital evolution your company experiences, you have to adapt in other ways. Your team? New customers? Fresh markets? Our experience has taught us how to handle these situations, and then some. So, transform your business. But don’t do it alone.


Next-level strategic execution 


People-focused through company change


Supporting the operational side of transformation


Know what’s happening when it happens


Strategic Minds That Execute

Strategic execution is where the work gets done. It’s where your projects accelerate from zero to one hundred – but you can’t do it alone. At CORTAC, we combine thoughtful minds with decisive action. We take project management to the next level. All angles of your business are managed as a portfolio – a series of transformative work. We help you consider how change impacts every avenue. Your partner channels? Your customers? Critical to transformation. We get it. With us, you transform better. Smarter. Faster.


Putting People First

How does your team handle change? If your team lacks guidance through organizational shifts, people start falling behind. Morale drops. Productivity plummets. No one wins – despite the incredible transformation. We keep this at the front of our mind throughout every initiative. Your people need support, now – and we keep them informed and comfortable throughout the process. Our people are here for your people, leveraging fresh techniques and years of experience every step of the way. We’re in this together. 


Supporting the Day-to-Day

Transformation is a huge step. Suddenly, you have the engine to compete in the market. But things change when you transform. Especially within day-to-day operations. Workflows. Processes. When everything changes, how do you manage it all? With us, you don’t have to. Stop worrying about the little things, because we do it for you – and all the big things, too. Fast. Efficient. Leading you from the way it’s been to the way it will be. We make it easy so you can focus on what matters – you, your company, and your partners. 


Real-Time Information

For decades, project managers presented status reports. But people move faster now. Your organization can’t wait till Monday for the next update – you need to know what happens, when it happens. For every transformative effort, we integrate solutions that provide optimal visibility. Dive deep into the details of your project without waiting an extra business day. Stay in the know with easily digestible information. Together, let’s transform your organization swiftly. After, you won’t see projects the same. Dive deep into one aspect of these capabilities on our Programs Planning & Control page.




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Solutions for Success

Transformation isn’t a quick fix – it’s a journey with infinite paths. Sometimes, it’s difficult to know which road to take. So, we make it easy. Our solutions are laid out for you, so have the freedom to choose which solution best fits your needs. Not sure? No worries, we are always here to help guide and inform you on this journey to becoming a transformed organization. 



A fresh workspace



Across your organizaiton



Across your organizaiton



Bringing companies together

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