Technology Solutions

Solving complex problems through design thinking paired with best-of-breed technologies

CORTAC’s Technology Solutions is a leader in digital strategy and transformation. We leverage the best people and tools to provide clients with data driven, action-oriented results. These results directly impact day-to-day and cross-company executive processes and decisions. We are creators of cutting edge, secure, and efficient end-to-end technical solutions.


By the Numbers

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We shape the future with our clients.

As companies grow organically, it can be difficult to track random systems and tools without a process in place. We value our client’s voice and work closely with them to fully understand their business needs by strategizing concise roadmaps to reach their goals. CORTAC clearly outlines partnerships and process with stakeholders to integrate a master system that maximizes value creation. We design and develop clear, comprehensive technological strategies and roadmaps that transform businesses through the power of technology. Our focused reviews and Agile methodologies ensures we deliver value early and often.




We orchestrate cost and time savings for our clients.

Keep your company up-to-date with the highest quality automation and integration. We transform highly manual and disjointed processes with  solutions that significantly reduce cost and transaction work for our clients. Through orchestration, development, and configuration of cross-system APIs and workflow, we offer software development capabilities that enable power-users to be more productive with their time and resources.

We create and automate nuanced reports and analyses.

CORTAC aligns your business values with clear communication for unique and reliable solutions. Our team delivers data-driven analytics so our clients can make strategic business decisions. We develop structured, strategy-led insights with the highest level of software capabilities.

Fast and Efficient Team Collaboration

Now is the time to transform how you and your teammates collaborate. Fast, efficient communication is key – and Smartsheet provides the platform you need to be in-sync with all the happenings in your business. As a Smartsheet Platinum Partner and the winner of Smartsheet’s 2019 Strategic Impact Award, CORTAC is armed with a team of Smartsheet experts. We have the capabilities to implement this software across your entire organization, aligning your team for better collaboration. Together, let’s strengthen your team and scale your business with Smartsheet Solutions. Click here to learn more.

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