Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) Solutions

Get Ready for CMMC – The Future of Your Business Depends on It

Cyber-attacks from foreign governments and organized crime groups are at the forefront of US national security concerns. Over $600 billion annually is exfiltrated from the Defense Industrial Base supply chain.

The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) is implementing the CMMC regulations in 2020 for all suppliers. CMMC will require independent audits and certification as a “pre-qualification” requirement prior to contract award. If suppliers are unable or unwilling to make the required changes, they may lose all existing DOD contract rebids and future contracts.

CORTAC provides end-to-end CMMC guidance and services and leverages cybersecurity and information assurance as a competitive advantage while reducing the compliance and contracting risks of meeting ITAR, EAR, DFARS, & CMMC requirements.

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Senior leadership for supplier operations, compliance, information technology, contracting, and suppliers are expected to understand and enforce CMMC

Global Defense Supply Chain
DOD Intellectual Property on Non-DOD Supplier Networks
Suppliers that could pass certification today
Required to achieve CMMC certification

Educate your organizational leadership to meet CMMC certification and avoid non-compliance penalties

Provides senior leadership with the necessary education, understanding, and insights to make more informed business and investment decisions to move forward with CMMC certification. Also included is a high-level readiness assessment summary report and roadmap for assessment and audit readiness to achieve CMMC compliance.

Cybersecurity and Organizational effectiveness are required for CMMC Certification

CORTAC will perform a detailed readiness assessment of existing cybersecurity and organizational effectiveness to identify CMMC compliance gaps and risks. We will partner with operations, contracting, compliance, information technology, and supplier management teams to review CUI information flows: from sales to shipping and across people, process, and information systems.

Identified compliance gaps and risks must be mitigated prior to audit and certification

Identified compliance gaps and risks will be analyzed to develop optimal mitigating strategies and solutions that are cost effective and meet required timelines. Solution and implementation options will be documented and classified as “sufficient and good enough, better, or best” based on desired cybersecurity posture.

Skillful audit planning and evidence preparation reduces risk of audit failure

Effective content packaging of required policies, processes, system security plans, artifacts, and evidence will enable auditors to quickly assess and certify your organization at the lowest cost. A CMMC compliance program will be required to ensure ongoing resiliency, compliance. updated documentation and system updates.

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