Stay Secure, Compliant and Competitive

Cybersecurity attacks are at an all-time high, putting you and your business at risk. Subsequently, compliance and protection requirements are becoming more difficult to navigate – ITAR, DFARS, and CMMC are no longer nice-to-have regulations. Speaking of CMMC, starting mid 2020, your business could be subject to a compliance audit. Let’s review some key facts:

  • CMMC standards apply to ALL subcontractors – no matter the size.
  • If your business doesn’t score well enough during an audit, your current projects will be up for grabs.
  • Even worse, small subcontractors are required to meet a minimum score of 2/5 with this new system. Larger organizations? A minimum score of 4/5. Ignoring these rules aren’t an option.

We know – it seems overwhelming. Don’t worry, our Regulatory Business Advisory (RBA) team helps your business understand and implement these new compliance rules. Protect your network and information with our data-driven solutions – reduce your risk, increase your value, and win new business with CORTAC Group.

By the Numbers

Defense Industrial Base (DIB) Suppliers
2018 US Govt Spend on DIB
Estimated Non-Compliant DIB
October 2020
CMMC Activation

Understand your regulatory obligations and risks

The world of information protection is filled with murky waters. What are the current regulatory compliance requirements? How are they fulfilled? Is there a “best way” to prepare for an audit? Complex laws aren’t easy to navigate, and the future holds more regulations and requirements. Our team is armed with industry professionals who understand the ins-and-outs of these mandatory protection regulations. Together, we’ll identify your obligations and risks – enabling executive alignment across IT, legal, business, and compliance avenues. Click here to learn more about our CMMC services.

Protect your information with an enterprise approach

Think big – your information safety relies on it. New government regulations are formulated for an enterprise architecture, making it easy for most businesses to fall behind. Don’t worry, your business will stay on top with CORTAC Group. Our consultants are by your side, easing the compliance process. Let’s consolidate your information into one unit – policies, data, technologies and beyond. Collaboration is key; you can relax knowing that your information is secure and enterprise-ready.

Discover solutions with CORTAC Group

What could you do if you knew your information was secure? If you knew your company had minimal risks, adhered to compliance regulations, and had the help of an industry expert? At CORTAC, we ease your mind and guide your business toward this level of security. Our solutions-based approach accelerates your security compliance, giving you the time to focus on other aspects of your business. Together, we can tackle your security needs – closing gaps, reducing costs, and empowering your team to reach its full potential.

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