Program Planning and Controls

Scheduling success through experienced planning

CORTAC’s Program Planning and Controls brings proven leadership, precision focus, and appreciation for our clients and their business pursuits. We support and provide them with the latest trends, technologies, and developments across the markets we serve.

Our emphasis is always on understanding our clients’ urgent needs and desired outcomes while managing the risks that threaten success. We monitor, manage, and modify our clients project schedules and budgets so they can thrive in competitive markets.

By the Numbers

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Aerospace and Defense:

Keeping America safe is part of our foundation. Several members of our leadership team come from military backgrounds. We know first hand what it takes to create winning proposals and keep awarded projects on schedule. Our experience ranges from IMP/IMS to BCRs to commissioning. We are there every step of the way. 

Data centers:

We program schedule and monitor the worlds largest builders of data center cloud environments giving CORTAC has a substantial edge in the industry. We provide our clients a clear path forward so the data center can be commissioned and begin generating revenue.  

Refining + Energy: 

CORTAC effectively plans our clients’ Outage/TAR and capital projects so they can keep the lights on and the gas flowing. We keep your assets within budget and on time by properly scheduling, planning, and work management.


We specialize in owner and general contractor roles. Our teams schedule and resource / cost load major construction projects all across America. CORTAC’s portfolio ranges from public light rail transportation to sports arenas to local municipal projects. We know how to create and manage construction schedules as well as navigate around costly claims and pitfalls.


Smart business decisions daily!

Making smart business decisions for your program or project, by pairing the schedule to your financial system, is routine work at CORTAC. Our Cost Control team carefully reviews program resource and cost controls which allows clients to make daily smart, informed business decisions. We do this by using Customized Elevated Project Metrics (CEPM), based on industry standards such as DCMA, ANSI 748, PMBOK, etc., tailored to your needs. CEPM converts this information into consumable vivid user-friendly dashboards, proactively preparing for project challenges before they become project disasters.

Our approach thoroughly analyzes every component of your project based on the following indicators:

  • Typical 14 Point DCMA Issues
  • Relationship differential
  • Critical path review
  • Cost loaded issues
  • Real constraint issues
  • Schedule flexibility
  • Earned Value potential problems

We interview key personnel with a list of more than 70 questions. After these interviews, we develop a profile of your project management/control system and provide a comprehensive list of our findings and solutions; if your company needs help in fixing any issues, we’re available for that as well.

Control and Schedule Work Management.

One of CORTAC’s experienced staples is rolling out Enterprise Class scheduling systems such as, Oracle P6 and MS Project Server, and work management tools such as, Maximo and Asset Suite. We are certified Oracle and MS Project partners. Our team designs, trainsand implements Scheduling Systems for Nuclear Power, Defense Systems, Refineries, municipalities, insurance companies and more. We tailor scheduling solutions around our clients business needs.

Knowing which scheduling software to choose for a specific project is like choosing a motor for a car. Without a solution that fits the project, the project will never get into gear. CORTAC has been on the road for more than 20 years with an extensive track record managing project controls and schedules in Oracle P6 (Primavera), Microsoft Project, and Smartsheet. These best of breed software solutions will:

  • Meet all client scheduling specifications
  • Provide a cost-loaded, multidimensional schedule
  • Create project recovery schedules
  • Simplify the update process
  • Reduce construction scheduling overhead
  • Produce a construction project schedule to spec
  • Generate timely reports keeping your project in gear; on time and on budget

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