Supporting Data-Driven Decision Making

Data is the new world-wide currency. Soon, it’ll be nearly impossible to survive in the market without meaningful insights – insights that inform critical decision making. Speed and agility are vital: the faster your business runs, the sooner it’ll soar to new heights.

Why wait? Let’s act now. We are here to help guide you through the jungle of data and analytics with our unique, full-circle approaches. Our secret ingredient: iteration and collaboration. We combine carefully crafted business strategy, innovative design & development, and vast technology experience with a dedication to cultivating this evolution – positioning you for success.

Are you ready to:

  • Feel empowered? With a fool proof strategy that hones in on what’s important.
  • Run Faster? Having thoughtful insights, driving your business to victory.
  • Relax? Knowing that you have a helping hand throughout this journey.

We are ready to make it all happen. With our insight’s solutions, your business will be ready to take on the market. Empower yourself – we can do this, together.

By the Numbers

Organizations plan on becoming data-driven
Businesses require better data management
Worldwide companies utilize big data
Big data projects succeed. Together, we can boost this stat.

Think ahead to stay ahead

Strategy is the backbone to any successful business – data and analytics included. Why? Data holds the most reliable, fact-based information that influences your most meaningful decisions. But what decisions really matter? What stats make or break your go-to-market strategy? That’s where we help. We collaborate with executives, line of business leaders, and knowledge workers to ensure your data solutions position you for market success. Be empowered knowing that your data-driven decisions come from a veteran team that is unified with one goal: to help your company thrive.

Blueprints that build your business

Analytics solutions are at your fingertips…and they are closer than you think. Our team is composed of top-tier analytics solutions designers that are ready to roll up their sleeves and build your data-driven empire. Get ready to up-level your systems – we bring a fresh development approach to every engagement. Agile and interactive, our team develops solutions you can rely on; no matter what process or program you leverage for insights. With CORTAC, you can relax knowing your analytics design and development is sound, sleek, and roll-out ready.

We’re here for you – from day one and beyond

Creating quality analytics is an evolution, not a check-list item. We’re here to guide you on the road to better insights – ready to assist through any speedbumps and leverage key information to boost your business. It’s important to recognize that fully adopting these systems takes time, which is why we’re in it for the long-haul. Don’t worry about rushing to navigate your new systems – we provide managed services to help cultivate your insights through the thick and thin. Have an expert guide by your side is – it makes all the difference.

Tools that drive success

Technology is flourishing. Everywhere you look, new tech companies are emerging – popping up on every corner. That’s why we ensure our team is diversified and up to date on the latest trends in data and analytics technology – to support your business achieve optimal insights. We excel in PowerBI and Tableau, but our experience extends far beyond. Integrating data from a variety of platforms? No problem! Our team understands the importance of being able to connect and adapt to hundreds of technologies with ease. Feel free to focus your energy elsewhere – our team and tech are here to support you.

Fast and Efficient Team Collaboration

Now is the time to transform how you and your teammates collaborate. Fast, efficient communication is key – and Smartsheet provides the platform you need to be in-sync with all the happenings in your business. As a Smartsheet Platinum Partner and the winner of Smartsheet’s 2019 Strategic Impact Award, CORTAC is armed with a team of Smartsheet experts. We have the capabilities to implement this software across your entire organization, aligning your team for better collaboration. Together, let’s strengthen your team and scale your business with Smartsheet Solutions. Click here to learn more.

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