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Structured work is fixed. Think CRM or ERP-type systems. Unstructured work is dynamic: emails, docs, spreadsheets. Modern collaboration methods take the best of both – while bringing visibility to the unstructured. All your communications in one place. All your data in a single system. Imagine how much faster you could get things done.

But people have been collaborating in the same two ways for decades – this isn’t a quick fix, it’s a journey. And we guide you on the right path from day one, while keeping your company, team, and goals in the driver’s seat.

By The Numbers


More time spent engaged in collaborative work


Employees rely on technology for collaboration


Employees view collaboration as important


CIO's report culture change as biggest barrier to success

New-Age Collaboration

For many organizations we talk with, achieving visibility and effective work management is critical to their teams. Most companies need this visibility 2-3 layers deep. And we make it happen. To change the way you approach work. Together.


Tanglible steps toward a synced organization


Save time with efficient collaboration methods


Educating end users for a smooth transition


Tools that support your collaborative needs 


Your roadmap to a better tomorrow

A goal without a plan is a wish. That’s why we take you from where you are to where you want to be with well-defined strategies, clear vision, and your goals front and center. Take it a step further – where will you get lift from a synchronized team? We take out the guess work, planning your collaboration solutions to produce tangible results. From boosting your team’s efficiency to keeping people on the same page – everything we do is designed to help your business thrive.


Streamlining success

Today, collaboration requires more than a trip to your neighbor’s office. This new digital evolution allows teams to collaborate through cutting-edge technology – but you must configure, optimize, and automate this tech to unleash its full potential. This is where we come in. We work with you to improve your workflow until it’s as efficient as possible – and then we make it better. Don’t worry – we do the heavy lifting, so you can spend time focusing on high-value tasks instead of manually tracking pivotal information.


Enlighten end users

Change spurs innovation – yet some are opposed to straying from the norm. But often, people aren’t anti-change – they simply don’t understand the new and improved. This is why we prioritize educating end users on their new collaborative outlet to ensure smooth adoption. How they integrate with other colleagues or departments. What their new day-to-day will hold. Most importantly – we teach them what is possible. With us, take the guess work out of your equation. Our solutions work, and you reap the benefits.


Smartsheet: Fast & efficient collaboration

Now is the time to transform how you and your teammates collaborate. Fast, efficient communication is key – and Smartsheet provides the platform you need to be in-sync with all the happenings in your business. As a Smartsheet Platinum Partner and the winner of Smartsheet’s 2019 Strategic Impact Award, CORTAC is armed with a team of Smartsheet experts. We have the capabilities to implement this software across your entire organization, aligning your team for better collaboration. Together, let’s strengthen your team and scale your business with Smartsheet Solutions.



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Connected Solutions

Staying connected with your team is critical to your organizations success. But, you’re not always in the office for a quick chat. Remote work is becoming more common than ever, which is why we implement solutions that are as flexible as you are. Your organization is unique, which is why we don’t believe in one-size-fits all solutions. With us, you’ll see value where it counts. 


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Becoming part of the CORTAC team has been an incredible journey. Working here has quickly provided me opportunities to leverage my diverse skill set, support incredible partners like Smartsheet, and move my career forward. Whether it is collaborating with the customer to drive adoption of processes or standards, or helping to enable customer success through effective partnerships, I am happiest when I am able to provide solutions that help drive an organizations transformation. Here at CORTAC I am thrilled to have found a community of like-minded individuals, who embrace teamwork, communication, and collaboration as the foundations for success.

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