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As the speed of business cycles continues to increase, companies must reignite growth and remain innovative to survive. We build our client’s pipeline with long-lasting value by driving an actionable win strategy, identifying viable business opportunities, understanding customer buyer habits, overseeing due diligence, and carefully managing RFPs.

Our tailored, disciplined methodologies and practices focus resources on the highest impact elements and increase our client’s positioning to win.

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Expanding global sales opportunities and leveraging existing technologies into new applications and markets keeps our clients ahead. CORTAC’s trained experts understand the importance of establishing programmatic baselines and navigate around proposal failure trapsWe focus on the details that make the difference between winning and losing.


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Program and Project Baselining


CORTAC’s Win Strategy has a 93% Success Rate

We partner with our clients to improve their Win Strategy and develop actionable plans for today’s competitive markets. Our workshop approach implements a six-step strategy process that drives internal teams to collaborate and address the five core elements of a business offer. We help define and integrate the customer’s decision process, establish solid data to substantiate claims, and ensure the business deal properly addresses all of the core elements. Bi-monthly competitive scoring assessments of the offer are prepared to flush out winning issues and identify the barriers to winning. We know how to raise the level of our clients’ competitiveness and win probability. 


How is Your Company Prepared for Competition?

Our Capture Management process involves comparing business opportunities against the costs and risks of achieving those goals through competitive assessments. Our thorough analysis evaluates all potential opportunities, including those that may exceed our client’s goals. This proven process allows us to make confident recommendations, properly assist in getting executive leadership approval, and define solutions and pricings that positions the team to succeed. We proactively shape the acquisitionmitigate risks, and track the progress to achieving our client’s initiatives. 


Details are the Difference Between Winning and Losing

Our seasoned Proposal Development process uses a systematic approach that is grounded in a classical systems engineering methodology. We translate RFP requirements into detailed proposal plans, precise outlines, and accurate estimates. The first step of our process strategically mapthe evaluation criteria of the RFP to the appropriate sections of the proposal. We use a cross-reference matrix that provides authors the specifics of what needs to be addressed in their sections to include: the strategy, theme, risk, SOW, and requirements. Pairing our client’s business insights with bold visuals create compelling proposals and ensures effective presentation of our win themesThe RFP matures through multiple reviews by all stakeholders: the proposal team, program execution team, and executive management. Every piece of content is tracked for verification by rigorous color team reviews to ensure compliance, consistency, and a captivating message.


Baselining is Crucial to a Winning Proposal

Our process establishes four baseline elements that incrementally develop and mature together to assure an integrated and cohesive solution. The elements include the costing methodology and solution to meet the price to win, the technical offering substantiation, the program plan and schedule, and the governance processes used to monitor and control the program. Progress is tracked through baseline reviews which directly impact decision making and alignment across the team and by leadership. Our approach assures that all programmatic risks are addressed, all key program SOW and contract elements are met, and that a realistic schedule with appropriate margins is put in place.



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