Innovative Government Contracting: A 5-Part Series

Rick Agopsowicz

May 18, 2021

Working in the world of government contracting can be both an exciting and rewarding experience. However, it’s far from simple – especially when you dive into the details of government contracting. Understanding the intricacies of government contracting is vital if you’re working in any stage of the proposal preparation or evaluation process. This is why we’ve partnered with the Public Contracting Institute (PCI) to make and in-depth, college-level virtual class series: Innovative Government Contracting.

Latest Class: Escaping the FAR with Procurement for Experiments; and R&D Agreements (CRADAs, PIAs, and TIAs)

This class (part of the “Innovative Contracting Series”) provides a “deeper dive” on flexibility provided by use of some lessor known Non-FAR Procurement for Experiments (agreement or contract), and R&D Agreements which may be used by the Government to select the right strategy enabling focus on the intended acquisition environment, constraints, and desired outcomes.

“Rick is one of the most informative and engaging Professors at PCI”


This virtual class will focus on:

  • Procurement for Experiments (10 USC 2373)
  • R&D Agreements:
    • Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA, 15 USC 3710a)
    • Partnership Intermediary Agreement (PIA, 15 USC 3715)
    • Technology Investment Agreement (TIA, 32 CFR Part 37)

For each of the topics above we will discuss:

  • History, authority, and intent
  • Use cases
  • Select cases of comparing strategy pros and cons (from a contract / agreement strategy point of view)
  • How this can change your company pursuit strategy, or your Agency acquisition and contracting/agreement strategy

Please join Rick and the PCI team for this informative webinar. Sign up by clicking here. Hope to see you in class!

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