Event: Changes to DoD’s Acquisition Approach – Implementation of the Adaptive Acquisition Framework and what you should know

Rick Agopsowicz

October 21, 2021

Understanding the intricacies of government acquisition & contracting is vital if you’re going to successfully pursue Department of Defense (DoD) acquisition opportunities. Implementation of the new Adaptive Acquisition Framework (AAF) has been large and impactful on the previous “one size fits all” approach, and you need to understand these changes to remain competitive. Therefore, we’ve partnered with the Public Contracting Institute (PCI) to provide an in-depth virtual class series: DoD Contracting Update: “Coming to a theater near you” Changes in Contracting approaches due to DoD’s New Adaptive Acquisition Framework

Free Class: October 27 or November 10, 2021

DoD’s acquisition approach has been a constantly changing approach over the last decades. The most recent major change, in January 2020, with the changeover to the Adaptive Acquisition Framework begins a process to address both the rapidly changing technology complexity and the need for speed of acquisition. The framework significantly modifies the previous singular “one size fits all” DoD acquisition program into 6 acquisition “pathways” better recognizing sets of unique program needs. These multiple pathways are not intended to be the 6 “be all and end all” answers, as they can be tailored for a particular program such that a complex program may require features from multiple pathways. The existing 17 FAR based, and 7 non-FAR based contracting/agreement approaches support this strategy well, but it puts additional onus on both the Government and Contractor Teams to understand the programmatic and contracting risks associated with these new adaptations.

This 90-minute presentation is a single session prelude to a full set of classes in December and January on this topic.  It covers why the DoD made the changes, and introduces the 6 acquisition “pathways, as well as how the existing 17 FAR based, and 7 Non-FAR based contracts / agreement strategies apply to these new acquisition approaches.

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