Achieving Efficiencies and Realizing Value

Lead Due Diligence to Evaluate Opportunities and Understand Risks

We identify the questions and data requests you need and then set up the mechanisms to efficiently and effectively exchange information. We set up a business rhythm to manage and collect inputs from your cross- functional review team. We then help you put all that together in a DD report-out package for your decision makers.

Develop and Implement Integration Plans

We understand that integration is the biggest risk to meeting your acquisition goals. We help you build a detailed, cross-functional plan and then establish an Integration Management Office (IMO) to flawlessly execute it. We put in place a communications plan that keeps your team, the target, and executive leadership informed of what is happening and why it is important.

Implement a Scorecard to Measure Value Achievement

We define the value drivers that measure success on each acquisition and build a simple, measurable scorecard to track achievement. We provide unbiased updates and reports on your progress and recommendations for improvement.

CORTAC Group’s M&A Leadership Spans a Broad Range of Deal Types

  • Stock and asset transactions where the target is integrated into your business
  • Acquisition of a business that you plan to leave as a standalone entity
  • Sale and separation of a business unit to a buyer
  • Complex Joint Venture transactions involving the sale of ownership shares to a new buyer