Helping Grow Your Business

Expand Current Markets and Penetrate New Markets

We evaluate each potential path for meeting corporate goals against the cost and risk of achieving those goals. We help you identify and qualify opportunities and assist in getting executive leadership approval.

Identify Opportunities, Define Business Plans, Build the Team

We conduct market research, competitive assessments and due diligence in preparing your business development plans. We supplement your staff where needed to build the capture team.

Develop and Implement the Strategy

We develop actionable strategies which guide the capture team throughout the business development phase. We help define the teaming, solution and pricing of your competitive efforts to position your team to win. We strive to understand and take advantage of customer buying

Growth Strategies Implemented by Our Clients

  • Evolving from component provider to System Integrator, from Subcontractor to Prime
  • Leveraging existing technologies into new applications and markets
  • Expanding global sales opportunities
  • Pursuing innovative teaming and strategic partnerships